About Disha Shaping Dreams
A non-profit CSR initiative by Arrow PC Network Pvt. Ltd., Disha Shaping Dreams is at the forefront of creating a positive societal impact.
Empowering Women

We support women in need of skill development & job opportunities & channelize their skills further

Specialized Programs

We organize skill development & educational programs equipping women with the skills they need for self-reliance

Generating Income Sources

Through Disha, we promote local women artisans & crafters, connecting their handmade products with corporate clients for stable income generation.

Our Thoughts

"At Disha Shaping Dreams, our vision is to create a world where every woman has the opportunity to shape her own dreams, reach her full potential, and contribute to a more inclusive and prosperous society. We envision a future where women are empowered, self-reliant, and integral to the success of businesses and communities.

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Our Thoughts

"Our mission at Disha Shaping Dreams is to empower women through corporate gifting solutions, utilizing our expertise as a CSR initiative of Arrow PC Network. We are committed to fostering self-dependence and creating opportunities for women's growth and success. We achieve this by providing innovative, high-quality corporate gifting consultancy services, while actively promoting gender equality, social responsibility, and sustainable practices.

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Disha Shaping Dreams
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